Teak Deck Furniture Refinishing

Teak Deck Furniture Refinishing

Teak is a beautiful hardwood many say requires no maintenance. This is true for people who enjoy slipping on mildew, prefer the natural appearance becoming gray and covered in dark stains. Teak will also degrade eventually.

Before teak wood grays it has an attractive golden color.

This color can be maintained in several ways.

Varnish may be used if you want to sand and varnish frequently.

Teak-oil does a great job however will need to be done more frequently than varnish.

The solution I find best, and more durable, is using Sikkens cetol stains. The stain will last longer with occasional or annual cleaning.

This recent work on Beverly and Chuck’s teak furniture came out beautifully. I was pleased when Chuck wrote“Dave understates the results. The furniture looks better than new. Prompt service, high quality, and a personal interest is Dave Wickes.”

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