Exterior Painting

Exterior painting starts with a sound surface.

WickesWorks will evaluate your home’s exterior to make sure that it is weatherproof and intact. We will up-front and honest with our customers about repairs. Our team has been painting and repairing houses in the Philadelphia suburbs and main line for over 30 years. High quality painting We use the highest quality paints and take the time to prepare your exterior surfaces for a long-lasting finish. We wash your entire house because sanding won’t remove all of the dirt and mildew which will limit paint’s adhesion. Scraping, sanding and feathering-in areas assures a high quality professional finish. From a properly primed surface to our standard of 2 finish coats of paint, we promise a great job!

Exterior Painting Services

  • Exterior painting
  • Exterior woodwork restoration
  • Water damage and rotted wood repair
  • Paint removal
  • Protective finishes & coatings
  • Power washing

We paint your house like we would ours.

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