Home Repair Ardmore, Pa. 19003

We’ve been repairing and maintaining homes in the Philadelphia Main Line Suburbs and in the town of Ardmore  for over 30 years.

Old houses and new houses require plenty of work to keep them weather-tight and up-to-date with codes and maintenance. If you’ve been searching for an honest, hard-working, reliable carpentry and home repair company in the Ardmore, pa area, we are here for you!

Please contact us, we’d be happy to provide you with an estimate and look forward to working with you.

Here are some of the projects we do:

  • Home Maintenance :
    Few things in homes are maintenance free. Preventative maintenance is more cost effective than waiting until something breaks and scrambling to have it repaired. Preventative maintenance can avoid repairs, extend the life expectancy of many components and reduce energy consumption.
  • Home Repair :
    WickesWorks often restores or repairs rather than replace! Projects that can’t be done in customers’ homes are brought back to our shop. We frequently rebuild windows and doors. Working on houses we are able to make new frames, sills and duplicate moldings.
  • Exterior Painting and repairs :
    Exterior painting involves more than just the paint. WickesWorks will evaluate your home’s exterior to make sure that it is weatherproof and intact. We will up-front and honest with our customers about repairs.
  • Interior Painting and carpentry work :
    WickesWorks does beautiful interior work! With over 100 years combined experience we provide the finest painting & carpentry work possible. Including: wainscoting, custom moldings and crown molding, built-in cabinets, custom made window well covers, custom radiator covers and more products!
  • Masonry work :
    Fixing old crumbling mortar in brickwork and stonework. Foundations require attention when mortar starts to degrade, it can open up areas for rodents and bugs to crawl into your house as well as making the structure unstable.
  • Hardscaping :
    A new element in or around your home such as a stone or brick wall, a stone or brick pathway or any other hardscaping project adds value! We can repair, maintain or build.
  • Decks and Porches :
    A new deck can add much value to your home’s worth as well as providing a great place to enjoy the outside! We are skilled at maintaining decks and porches, repairing structures including rotted joists, railings, ceilings, and porch or deck floorboards as well as replacing or adding them to your home.